• Keep the Spray Collar FLUSH to the dirty diaper while spraying, thereby “sealing” any possible escape for dirty water or aerosolized bacteria. You may get a little poop on the rim, but the Spray Collar’s smooth surface makes it easily wipeable.
  • Remember: Lift Up – Water Out. Release your finger from the trigger to stop the water flow, then lift up to dump collected solids into the toilet bowl and move on to additional areas. If you lift up while your sprayer is still blasting away, by the law of physics, water will spray everywhere.
  • Press your finger on the sprayer trigger lightly then press slowly increase pressure to full blast to avoid a strong water blast surprise.
  • Again, take your finger off the trigger to stop the water flow before pointing the Spray Collar in any other direction!
  • Most users of other sprayers report feeling a "mist" while spraying – this is AEROSOLIZED BACTERIA! When you spray correctly with our shield, everything stays contained in the funnel.