1. Do you ship to Canada?
Yes and buyers are responsible for shipping costs...you know why. Expect shipping to be between $12-24 depending on the weight of the item; the checkout area should automatically calculate the price for you.

2. Do you ship to anywhere else in the world? 
Yes and buyers are responsible for shipping costs. We're happy to provide an exact shipping cost if you email us your shipping address since this is not configured in our shopping cart automatically.

3. Do your sprayers fit EU faucets?
Our toilet sprayer WILL NOT FIT European Union plumbing. However, our Spray Collar may fit your sprayer should you like to order that separately. For EU orders, we do have a German Partner where you can purchase select Diaper Dawgs products. Our shower sprayer may fit EU showers...we're not sure to be honest.

4. Are you on Amazon?
We are prepping to have a brand presence on Amazon Canada and Amazon Mexico only. We are already on Amazon US.