How do I use my Diaper Dawgs?

Slip a Diaper Dawg onto your fingers. As if you were using a talking puppet, open the jaw, grab the soiled insert from your diaper pocket or snap, grasp and pull to separate.

How do I clean my Diaper Dawgs?

Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. 

How do I store my Diaper Dawgs?

Rest “open-mouthed” on a thin bar or on a compartment wall of a changing table carousel. You can also stand your Dawgs upright on a shelf with them “kissing.”

Should I still wash my hands?

 Yes. Whenever you are dealing with bodily wastes, even when protected, wash your hands afterwards. The Finger Guards simply offer the benefit of not having to touch cold pee or pasty poop, and better yet, they prevent that same poop from getting under your fingernails.

Why bother separating diaper inserts at all?

 Pocket diapers should be separated in order to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible because one side of the inserts are up against the waterproof PUL of the diaper cover, which limits the optimal amount of water and detergent from getting through – even “sleeve” pocket diapers that are open on both ends don’t always let inserts agitate out. Otherwise, those diapers are going to get funky real quick! 

Silly goose...I'll just grin and bear it.

 Because you don’t have to! You should love every aspect of cloth diapering your baby, and we don’t want any negative experiences getting in the way of that. We know that nothing makes a mom grimace more than a diaper pail filled with cold, wet, crappy diapers. We want cloth diapering to keep gaining traction as a more stylish, luxurious, environmentally friendly, yet affordable alternative to disposables. Choosing colors, designs, and building a stash is fun and now laundering them can be fun too…well at least better.

Why not rinse first then separate later?

 Sure if you enjoy increasing that water bill...since insert urine won’t be thoroughly rinsed if kept inside a pocket. Most importantly, it’s a hassle to bend over into a deep top loader or bend down with a front loader to pick up each diaper one by one when you could have done all the pre-separating beforehand using our Finger Guards while the diapers were more accessible from your bag or pail.

Why not use a plastic bag or gloves?

 Shopping bags are cumbersome and often will shift in a way while being used that inevitably leads to the wet parts of the plastic touching your hands anyway. Plastic also adds to more environmental waste after one use. Diaper Dawgs are reusable, durable, and great for those with latex allergies. Best of all, they quickly slip on, unlike gloves.

Why don't I just buy an oven mitt?

 Girl...been there, done that! Our Finger Guards have been custom-sized to fit fingers only, which allow for more control when handling dirty cloth diapers. Oven mitts are too large and clumsy to fit inside diaper pockets or store on a changing table.

Trust me, I have heard from many parents that they won’t use pockets because they don’t want to touch the inserts. In fact, my own husband never removed them…And no one likes removing inserts from diapers that have been sitting in the pail for a few days after certain husbands didn’t pull them out before dropping the diapers in. I would have liked a Diaper Dawg for that job.”

— Kim Rosas, Dirty Diaper Laundry