I installed the toilet sprayer, and now the toilet isn't filling up?

It sounds like the sprayer was not installed properly. Basically, when you screw the product t-valve to the fill valve under the toilet tank, you can unintentionally rotate the fill valve. This will cause the internal flushing mechanism inside the toilet tank to rotate and/or disconnect. Below is a picture of the internal parts of the toilet:

Please lift the lid of the toilet tank and confirm all of the parts are lined up and connected properly (especially the fill valve, overflow tube, flapper, and float).

If it’s still not working, make sure the water supply at the wall is re-opened (sometimes people forget to turn it back on after installation).

If it’s still not working, uninstall and try again. The main thing to remember is that when our products are installed properly, they have NO effect on the flushing or performance of the toilet whatsoever.

Water is leaking from the seam above button on the toilet sprayer nozzle.

We’ve discovered that the majority of the leakage is caused by improper use of the sprayer; please make sure to turn off the t-valve after each use. Leaving the t-valve ON builds up pressure in the hose and damages internal parts. In turn, this causes the sprayers to leak and can result in flooding due to pressure build-up without release.

Why is there a drop in water pressure from the hose?

Please make sure you are opening the t-valve all the way, and that the water supply is all of the way open, and that they are able to push the button on the sprayer all the way through.

Depending on the water quality moving through the sprayer the customer could have a buildup in the spray head. Sometimes CLR will clean this out, or a solution of vinegar and baking soda, but it depends on the extent of the buildup.